Meet Our Highly Experienced and Most Compassionate Hospice Team.

medical team smiling

We understand the importance of having someone you can trust and rely on that is why we team up with the kindest and extremely dedicated hospice professionals who are committed to providing relief and support throughout the end-of-life process.

  • medical doctor at his clinic
    Medical Director

    • Certifies patient with a terminal illness.
    • Oversees the whole hospice team.
    • Is in charge of patient’s overall medical care plan.
  • child having an appointment with her physician
    Attending Physician

    • Certifies the terminal diagnosis.
    • Identifies patient’s needs, manages symptoms and prescribes treatments.
    • Directs and approves the care plan.
    • Coordinates care with the team.
  • caregiver talking with her senior patient
    Medical Social Worker

    • Evaluates financial, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patient and family.
    • Develops a care plan to meet the identified needs.
    • Provides direct counseling.
    • Refers patient and family to appropriate community agencies.
    • Provides bereavement support.
  • portrait of nurse team
    Registered Nurse

    • Assesses patient and family needs.
    • Develops care plan to meet the identified needs.
    • Coordinates team visits and ensures implementation of care plan.
    • Is in charge of symptom control and pain management.
    • Educates patient and family as needed.
  • lady having a private talk with her doctor
    Hospice Aids

    • Provides direct personal care.
    • Provides comfort measures.
    • Report additional needs to RN or case manager.
    • Provides emotional support to patient and family.
  • 2 volunteer wearing a gray shirt

    • Provide companionship and support to patient and family.
    • Help with patient’s non-medical needs, e.g. running errands, etc.
    • Provide support on the death and during bereavement period.
    • Massage Therapy- for relaxation and helps to ease the pain.
  • man in wheelchair having a counseling session

    • Evaluates spiritual needs of patient and family.
    • Provides direct counseling.
    • Assists with memorial preparation.
    • Provides consultations to community clergy.
    • Music Therapy- provides biblical music experience and counseling.